For the small ones we have also a solution for them.

 kids-20 bike kid  

Wheel size Approx. Age Height (Feet/Cm)
Seat  1-3 years 19-48lb / 9-22kg
Trailer 1-2 kids Máx. 88.18lb / 40kg.
12" 3-5 years 2'11''-3'4'' / 89-102cm
16" 5-7 years 3'3''-3'10'' / 99-117cm
20" 7-9 years 3'9''-4'4'' / 114-132cm
24" 9-12 years 4'3''-5'3'' / 130-160cm

This is a guide only and is intended to provide general information. 

The kids' bikes are equiped with:
- V-Breaks
- Aluminum frame
- thin and wide tyres (ideal for city and roads)
- Single speed/5/6/8 gears (Shimano)

For babys (1-3 years old) we suggest the chair.
This chair is recommended for babys between 19-48lb / 9-22kg.


Elsewise we have also a bike trailer for 1-2 small kids.
Max. 88.18lb / 40kg.


Please write us an e-mail with your wished date, comments and questions.
Thank you!